Our members represent the best that the safety and health community has to offer. They strive for continued betterment of their workplace culture to ensure every worker makes it home safely. We are proud of our members and their unwillingness to settle for “good enough.” Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey.

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Dedicated Community

​Our dedicated member community ensures all companies strive and achieve occupational safety and health excellence at the National and regional level. Our members share their success with the community through committees and regional communities and connect with us nationally or regionally through social media.

Our mentoring program pairs worksites that have achieved Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star status with sites that are just starting their VPP journey. Our members strive for the continued betterment of their workplace culture to ensure that every worker makes it home safely. We offer several awards to recognize worksites and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to the mission of the VPPPA.

Our members connect with each other through our member directory

Premier Education

We share knowledge with our members through complimentary webinars, online resources, the Leader magazine, and reduced membership rates for onsite events. The Annual Safety + Symposium is the only national event for worksites to achieve and maintain safety and health excellence through education and collaboration.

Members and immediate family are encouraged to apply for VPPPA scholarships. Members, as well as immediate family, receive generous discounts and fee waivers when pursuing an OSH degree program at Columbia Southern University. 

Benefits & Services

Free Publications

  • Leader Magazine — Our award-winning quarterly magazine tailors each issue to a new topic, featuring articles written by members, for members.  
  • “On the Level”— Our monthly e-newsletter brings you industry and association news so you never miss an update.
  • Blog — Our award-winning blog features news highlights and quick articles about the latest health and safety topics.

Free Resources

  • Mentoring Program — Whether you’re a site working toward your VPP Star or you want to practice for your next audit, we’ll pair you with the best mentor to fit your industry needs. Our growing network of mentors is always looking for new participants! 
  • Live Webinars — Our members have free registration to all of our monthly webinars. These one-hour sessions provide a convenient way to network and continue learning on the job.
  • Member Directory — Easy to navigate, our member directory allows you to search by industry, state, and other parameters to find exactly the contact you are looking for.
  • Job Board — We want to help our members find the most qualified safety professions for their companies. VPPPA members are able to post open positions to our job board for free.


  • Scholarships — The VPPPA Scholarship Program supports students who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to safety and health in their schools and communities.
  • Industry Awards — Each year, we offer several awards to recognize member sites and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to the mission of the VPP and/or VPPPA.

Discounted Rates

  • Events — Receive discounted rates on VPPPA’s annual Safety+ Symposium, regional events, and other association training and networking opportunities.
  • Tuition Discount — VPPPA Members, as well as their spouses and children, receive a 10% discount on tuition for Columbia Southern University. In addition, application fees are waived for members, and they also receive textbooks at no cost. CSU offers online degree programs, open enrollment, affordable rates and a flexible learning style designed to accommodate your busy life. CSU offers associate, bachelor, master and certificate programs.
  • VPPPA member-exclusive Roco Rescue Training Program


  • As a member of VPPPA, you gain access to exclusive discounts not available to the general public. Log in to the Member Portal and click on Additional Resources to save money on health and safety related products and services by taking advantage of theses members-only coupons.

What if my site isn’t VPP?

Your site does not have to be in the VPP, or even pursuing VPP status, to become a member of the VPPPA. All our members share a passion for safety and health and a dedication to making worksites safe for their employees and colleagues. If you share that passion and dedication, you are eligible for VPPPA Membership!

Membership Categories

Membership dues for Full and Associate sites are determined by the number of employees at each facility and can be found in the chart below. All other membership categories feature a flat rate, listed below. Dues are renewed on the calendar anniversary. Become a member today! 

Membership Categories

Pricing Plans

Number of Employees
1 – 50
51 – 100
101 – 250
251 – 500
501 – 1,000
1,001 – 2,500
Affliate Tiers
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier Price Comparison

Full Membership

Full Membership applies to approved OSHA, DOE, or state-plan-state VPP worksites.

Dues: Based on Number of Employees at Site

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to worksites and educational institutions aiming to strengthen their safety and health management systems. Become part of a community dedicated to elevating the standard for a safe and healthy workplace. This membership level welcomes all companies committed to safety excellence and recognizes a potential path to VPP Star status.

Dues: Based on Number of Employees at Site

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for any headquarter office that oversees VPP approved worksites. The corporate membership category is NOT an umbrella membership and only covers employees at the corporate worksite or office.

Dues: $500 Annually

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership applies to companies that provide products and/or services toward the enhancement of the safety and health industry.

Nonprofit Membership

Nonprofit Membership is available to the office of 501(c)(3) or (6) organizations and applies to all organizational staff.

Dues: $400 Annually

Union Membership

Union Membership is available to local and international unions that support at least one site that is eligible for VPPPA Full or Associate membership. 

Dues: $110 Annually

Student Membership

Student Membership is for a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university.

Dues: $50 Annually

Retiree Membership

Retiree Membership is reserved for individuals who have retired but would like to stay involved with the VPPPA community.

Dues: $50 Annually

Upgrade Your Membership!

You are eligible to upgrade to a higher tier at the end of your annual membership by contacting prior to your next renewal date. You also have the option to upgrade during the middle of the year and we will prorate your purchase. Membership downgrades can be scheduled at your next renewal date by contacting

Member’s Guide to the Members-Only Area