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Member Benefits

Educational Resources & Professional Development

VPPPA is committed to providing members with an array of educational resources & professional development opportunities designed to facilitate continuous improvement for both the individual and the workplace. From emerging EHS&S leaders to industry veterans looking to expand their knowledge of best practices, members have access to the resources needed to advance health and safety excellence.

  • eLearning Toolbox: VPPPA’s online library of educational content including an archive of past webinars and events. Members have access to industry-leading best practices, compelling personal stories and more, all curated to help raise the standard for a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Live Webinars: Members have access to monthly (and more), free deep dive online programs led by industry experts, providing insights into the latest trends and best practices.
  • Job Board: VPPPA connects employers with professionals in the occupational safety and health who share the commitment to safety as their core value. The job board features job opportunities from various industries and high-performing companies who share our vision for advancing safety & health excellence and are seeking professionals with expertise in workplace safety.


VPPPA provides numerous opportunities for members to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with a community of the best of the best in EHS&S. National and regional networking events and activities take place throughout the year and provide VPPPA members access to industry peers, innovative service providers, OSHA representatives, EHS subject matter experts, as well as national and regional VPPPA board members.

  • Mentoring: VPPPA’s site mentoring program pairs sites seeking additional program guidance or looking to improve best practices at their facilities with experienced mentors from VPP and other high-performing companies. Mentees benefit from experienced subject matter experts who willingly share their knowledge, expertise, and experience. Members also receive personalized career guidance, including advice on career paths, skill development and strategies for advancement within the safety and health profession.
  • Member Directory: Members have vital access to a diverse safety network to help find the right expertise for their needs! VPPPA’s online member directory is a powerful tool that features the ability to search by industry, state, and other parameters. This allows members to connect directly with other VPPPA members with similar safety goals and specific industry experience. Save valuable time and effort that can be devoted to fostering collaboration, and problem-solving together. Unlock your safety network today – log in to the Member Portal and access the directory!


VPPPA members have access to a variety of exclusive savings, highlighting the association’s dedication to fostering professional growth and advancing organizational objectives. These benefits include:

  • Registration Savings: Members receive significant savings when attending VPPPA events, including the Safety+ Symposium, Process Safety Management Summit, all Regional Safety Conferences, and premium webinars.
  • Tuition Savings at Columbia Southern University: Members can benefit from a 10% tuition savings when enrolling at Columbia Southern University, enhancing access to educational opportunities and supporting continuous learning in occupational safety and health.
  • VPP Online® Access Savings: Members save up to 20% off access to VPP Online®, a cloud-based, collaborative year-round safety and health self-assessment tool. This platform facilitates streamlined self-evaluations and supports organizations in their pursuit of exceptional safety performance.

Members-only savings not only make educational and professional opportunities more accessible, but also underscore VPPPA’s commitment to providing tangible benefits that contribute to the growth and success of both individual members and their organizations.


VPPPA is committed to providing members with an array of valuable information to support continuous improvement. Digital and print publications support professional development and best practice-sharing. VPPPA believes that staying informed is key to enhancing our members’ professional journey, and our publications are tailored to provide members with the knowledge to advance health and safety excellence at their sites and companies.

  • Leader: VPPPA’s award-winning quarterly magazine is a cornerstone of industry insights, covering the latest trends, best practices, and thought leadership in occupational safety and health. It’s a must-read for staying informed and inspired.
  • On the Level Newsletter: VPPPA’s monthly e-newsletter, “On the Level,” delivers timely updates, news, and highlights from the safety and health community. Stay connected with the latest developments right in your inbox.
  • On the Safe Side: VPPPA’s weekly collection of industry news and events is a must-read for EHS&S professionals looking to stay informed on new developments and breaking news. Log in to the Member Portal and update your Communication Preferences to subscribe – don’t miss this essential resource for staying informed!
  • VPPPA Blog: VPPPA’s blog offers a dynamic platform for in-depth articles, expert opinions, and discussions on relevant topics. Engage with the community and share your insights.


The VPPPA Annual Awards recognize those VPPPA member sites and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to advancing health and safety excellence through collaboration, mentorship, and education to raise the standard for a safe & healthy workplace. These pioneers have shared their knowledge of safe practices with others or developed new techniques to create a safer and healthier work environment.


Scholarship Program provides scholarships to assist students who are dedicated to safety, health, or environmental studies at the vocational, undergraduate, or graduate level. These scholarships are awarded to individuals who have displayed outstanding leadership and a strong commitment to safety and health within their educational institutions and communities. To date, VPPPA has:

  • Distributed over $230k in scholarships since 2005.
  • Provided 62 students with financial support for their journey in EHS&S education.

Four scholarships worth $3,500 each are awarded to deserving students annually.

Legislative Education

Supporting the growth and modernization of VPP is critical to strengthening workplace safety and health nationwide. VPPPA members are united as one voice, working together with the association to educate regulatory and elected officials about the vital role VPP plays in protecting the workforce. VPPPA and its members work together to directly impact decision-making in the halls of federal and state government.

VPPPA and its members hold significant influence as the leaders in workplace safety and health excellence. Together, we’ve collaborated with companies, partners and employees to articulate our vision for VPP, directly shaping initiatives that foster growth and sustainability in this vital program.

Membership Categories

Membership for Full and Associate sites are determined by the number of employees at each facility and can be found in the chart below. All other membership categories feature a flat rate, listed below. Renewals occur on the calendar anniversary. Become a member today! 

Pricing Plans

Number of Employees
1 – 50
51 – 100
101 – 250
251 – 500
501 – 1,000
1,001 – 2,500
Affliate Tiers
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier Price Comparison

Full Membership

Full Membership applies to approved OSHA, DOE, or state-plan-state VPP worksites.

Based on Number of Employees at Site

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to worksites and educational institutions aiming to strengthen their safety and health management systems. Become part of a community dedicated to elevating the standard for a safe and healthy workplace. This membership level welcomes all companies committed to safety excellence and recognizes a potential path to VPP Star status.

Based on Number of Employees at Site

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for any headquarter office that oversees VPP approved worksites. The corporate membership category is NOT an umbrella membership and only covers employees at the corporate worksite or office.

Investment: $500 Annually

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership applies to companies that provide products and/or services toward the enhancement of the safety and health industry.

Nonprofit Membership

Nonprofit Membership is available to the office of 501(c)(3) or (6) organizations and applies to all organizational staff.

Investment: $400 Annually

Union Membership

Union Membership is available to local and international unions that support at least one site that is eligible for VPPPA Full or Associate membership. 

Investment: $110 Annually

Student Membership

Student Membership is for a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university.

Investment: $50 Annually

Retiree Membership

Retiree Membership is reserved for individuals who have retired but would like to stay involved with the VPPPA community.

​Investment: $50 Annually

Member’s Guide to the Members-Only Area