VPPPA Annual Awards

The VPPPA Annual Awards recognize those VPPPA member sites and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to advancing health and safety excellence through collaboration, mentorship, and education to raise the standard for a safe & healthy workplace. These pioneers have shared their knowledge of safe practices with others or developed new techniques to create a safer and healthier work environment.

All award submissions undergo a comprehensive technical review by the National VPPPA Awards and Scholarship Committee subject matter experts.


VPP Outreach Award

The purpose of the VPP Outreach Award is to provide recognition for our “VPP Ambassadors”. This award recognizes those who achieve an outstanding level of outreach activity and encourage others to share their knowledge. Reaching out to communicate and persuade others of the benefits of pursuing OSHA or DOE VPP approval is an important part of the mission of the VPPPA. Another part of the mission is to persuade other government regulatory agencies to adopt similar programs. The VPP Outreach Award is for an individual, company or worksite that has done an extraordinary amount of work in these areas.

VPP Innovation Award

The purpose of the VPP Innovation Award is to provide recognition for an individual, company or worksite that has developed and successfully implemented an innovation, encouraged others to try new approaches and emphasized the value of creativity and flexibility in the resolution of worker safety and health problems. The innovation may be program-related or of a technical nature.

Safety & Health Outreach Award

The Safety and Health Outreach Award honors individuals, companies, or worksites that excel in extending their safety, health, technical, and management knowledge to other departments within their site. This award recognizes those who have demonstrated exceptional outreach efforts to enhance safety and health practices across various areas of their organization.

VPPPA Emerging Safety Leader Excellence Award

The VPPPA Emerging Safety Leader Excellence Award recognizes and celebrates outstanding individuals with less than 10 years of experience in the EHS field. They have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and innovation in advancing health and safety excellence. This award honors the next generation of safety professionals who have gone above and beyond in making a significant impact on workplace safety, regardless of whether they come from a VPP site or a non-VPP site.

Awards Recognition

Award winners will be recognized at the annual Safety+ Symposium. Additionally, winners are featured in a special post on VPPPA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), a press release goes out to our media/news outlets, and an eblast announcement is sent to all members.

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners!

VPP Outreach Award – S&B Engineers & Constructors Ltd.

S&B Engineers & Constructors, Ltd. lives and breathes the VPP life in all aspects of our daily life and has integrated the elements and sub-elements into the core of their safety program throughout the company. Employees are trained and involved in the VPP process from orientation to everyday in the field.

They’ve participated in and sponsored multiple different aspects of Outreach and Education for not only Region VI, but nationally as well. S&B has allowed the employees from the company to participate in at least 5 SGE audits throughout the year.  As well as the audits, these personnel also represented S&B and Region VI in an array of Outreach activities such as conferences (TCC), golf tournaments (Region VI, HASC, HBR), speaker engagements and mentoring other companies (5 total mentorships for 2022). 

S&B continues to show complete support and dedication to the Outreach and Education of VPP throughout the entire company, as well as to the Region and nationally.  Proudly flying the VPP STAR flag at all qualifying jobsites, training employees and getting them involved in VPP and supporting the outreach is a prime example of how S&B supports the process.  VPP is a deeply rooted commitment in the daily lives at S&B!!

VPP Innovation Award – UCOR

The innovative UCOR Mission Ready Program (MRP) is designed and implemented in a manner that addresses the physical and emotional needs of a workforce that performs complex work activities in potentially high hazard environments. This program was proactively developed by a diverse cross-functional team whose goal was to identify concepts and tools to aid in the reduction of the frequency of occurrence and severity of injuries and illnesses.

Implementation of Mission Ready serves to benefit UCOR as it:

  • Enables employees to understand how their personal decisions directly impact safety and encourages them to self-identify situations or conditions of concern.
  • Empowers supervisors to evaluate employee readiness and make temporary reassignments as necessary to mitigate potentially hazardous situations.
  • Creates an environment where employees not only evaluate their personal readiness to perform high hazard work, but also be good wingmen that look out for their coworkers.
  • Raises awareness about the national (and local) mental health crisis through the normalization of mental health discussions.
  • Creates a source of pride for the UCOR craft workforce who were instrumental in the development of the program.

Safety and Health Outreach Award – Daryl Butler Sr. (SRNS)

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Radiological Protection Inspector Daryl Butler Sr. has a long history of exceptional commitment to safety and employee engagement at the Savannah River Site (SRS). Daryl has served as the Chair of his area’s Local Safety Improvement Team (LSIT) for over fifteen years, providing valuable safety leadership and insight to every level of the company. Daryl takes a hands-on, highly enthusiastic approach to promoting safety awareness and performance, which is evident in Daryl and his team’s consistent recognition by senior management as one of the most engaged and creative LSITs at SRNS.

Daryl’s commitment to safety is visibly ingrained in all that he does, but he is especially passionate when it comes to the promotion of the Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program, which empowers employees to positively reinforce a safe work environment by identifying and discussing safe and at-risk behaviors with their peers.

Daryl’s passion for safety at SRNS (and the Savannah River Site as a whole) has inspired and trained countless employees to value safety and demonstrate safety leadership each-and-every-day. Never one to sit on the bench, Daryl’s commitment to safety is magnetic and has spilled over to other Local Safety Improvement Teams and work areas, where he has mentored safety leaders across the company and has been an integral part of the SRNS workforce achieving 10 million safe work hours two times, 15 million safe work hours two times, 20 million safe work hours two times, and achieving a company record of 25 million safe work hours in 2019.

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