Become a Member

Full Membership

Full Membership applies to approved OSHA, DOE, or state-plan-state VPP worksites. VPP Mobil Workforce Demonstration for Construction sites can join VPPPA as Full (if VPP-approved) or Associate (if pursuing VPP) members.​

Based on Number of Employees at Site

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to worksites and educational institutions aiming to strengthen their safety and health management systems. Become part of a community dedicated to elevating the standard for a safe and healthy workplace. This membership level welcomes all companies committed to safety excellence and recognizes a potential path to VPP Star status.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for any headquarter office that oversees VPP approved worksites. The corporate membership category is NOT an umbrella membership and only covers employees at the corporate worksite or office.

Investment: $500 Annually

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership applies to companies that provide products and/or services toward the enhancement of the safety and health industry.

Nonprofit Membership

Nonprofit Membership is available to the office of 501(c)(3) or (6) organizations and applies to all organizational staff.

Investment: $400 Annually

Union Membership

Union Membership is available to local and international unions that support at least one site that is eligible for VPPPA Full or Associate membership. 

Investment: $110 Annually

Student Membership

Student Membership is for a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university.

Investment: $50 Annually

Retiree Membership

Retiree Membership is reserved for individuals who have retired but would like to stay involved with the VPPPA community.

Investment: $50 Annually

Member Testimonials


“VPPPA is a huge resource for VPP Star sites. The conferences held each year always provide me and my fellow coworkers with several ideas that we can implement at our facility. I am very thankful for our facility being a VPP Star site and having the backing and support of the VPPPA.”

-Stacey Craig, Pattern Maker, Clow Valve Metal Casting Facility


“Prairie State’s VPPPA membership has been very helpful as our organization strives to become a STAR site. VPPPA offers their members the tools, support, and networking opportunities necessary to building a best-in-class safety process. Whether you are an organization working towards their STAR certification or a STAR site working to continuously raise their process to the next level, VPPPA provides benefits at a value that can’t be matched.”

-Michael Yusko, Corporate Safety Manager Prairie State Generating Company