VPPPA members share their success to make workplaces safer across the globe

VPPPA members help others reach VPP status, the highest level of occupational safety and health performance by OSHA, through our mentoring program. The VPPPA mentoring program pairs sites that have achieved Star status with sites that are just starting their VPP journey, need additional program guidance, or are looking to improve best practices at their facilities. A mentor understands the frustrations and setbacks as well as the milestones, triumphs, realities and success. Mentors have been through the VPP audit process several times and are committed to helping other VPPPA members achieve occupational safety and health excellence.

Mentors often understand challenges that are unique to a site’s specific situation, such as improving management commitment, employee engagement, recordkeeping, PPE or implementation. Once a match has been made, the sites form a unique relationship of collaboration and best practices sharing.

This is a unique opportunity to get hands-on training and guidance from a seasoned professional who has been in the exact same position that your site is in. Request a mentor today!