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VPPPA Launches Innovative Strategic Partner Program, Raising the Standard for Safe and Healthy Workplaces

FALLS CHURCH, VA (August 18, 2023) — The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) is proud to announce the launch of its all-new Strategic Partner Program, redefining collaboration in advancing health and safety excellence. This forward-thinking initiative offers an exclusive platform for organizations that align with VPPPA’s mission of raising the standard for safe and healthy workplaces while cultivating robust, enduring relationships.

“VPPPA’s Strategic Partner Program is designed to engage organizations who share VPPPA’s commitment to advancing health and safety excellence in the workplace while developing long-term relationships that help us mutually achieve this goal,” said Chris Williams, CAE, VPPPA Executive Director. “This is a truly unique program in that it not only connects like-minded organizations with a broad cross-section of decision-makers and influencers—from senior management through the front-line labor segment—but delivers stakeholders in workplace safety access to the content and resources that help us send our workers home in the same—or better—condition than which they arrived each day.”

Crafted with innovation and exclusivity at its core, the program encompasses an array of comprehensive packages, offering year-round exposure across VPPPA’s diverse platforms and events. This novel approach is underpinned by a commitment to collaboration, wherein VPPPA will work hand-in-hand with each partner to pinpoint avenues for highlighting and developing products, services, and other resources that aid VPPPA members in their pursuit of continuous safety improvement. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly empower VPPPA members to access and engage with partners, establishing relationships that result in the evolution of workplace safety processes.

For companies aspiring to align themselves with industry leaders and drive positive change, this is a unique and exclusive opportunity to do so. VPPPA has created partnership opportunities within many industry sectors including, but not limited to education, risk management, consulting, human resources, technology, and a variety of supplier categories.

To learn more about becoming a VPPPA Strategic Partner and to access program details, please visit VPPPA’s Strategic Partner website. Together, VPPPA and its Strategic Partners are poised to redefine the landscape of collaboration, progress, and excellence for workplace health and safety across industry.

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