Safety Starts with Sight

Contributor: Meg Klaers – Program Manager, Walman Optical Safety Eyewear

Safety starts by simply seeing the potential hazards in the workplace. The risk of eye injury happens in all types of workplaces. In fact, nearly 40% of work-related eye injuries occur in healthcare, offices, laboratories, and other similar work environments – the remainder occurring in construction, trade, and manufacturing jobs.

This is why, in Workplace Eye Safety Awareness month and every day, we believe all companies should view safety eyewear as a required medical device that must be precisely fit and measured for each employee to avoid recordable injuries. In addition, when employees wear the proper safety eyewear, companies can anticipate higher productivity and better quality output, leading to a safer, happier workforce.

Walman Optical Safety Eyewear is a wholesale optical laboratory offering all the required products to protect employees. We’re proud to manufacture only the safest materials, coatings, lenses, and frames. After assessing workplace hazards, we are able to customize programs with the products that provide the best protection. Most companies are focused on what we refer to as the Essential Solutions, but know that safety eyewear is not limited to just these options. Visit the Walman Optical Safety Eyewear website for more details.

Compliance is key! Walman Optical Safety Eyewear partners with Workplace Material Handling & Safety to share the complete details of ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020: Standard for Safety Glasses: Eye & Face Protection. Click here to learn more.