Affiliate Member Logo

The VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo can only be used as it appears below, and only by VPPPA Affiliate Members in Good Standing. To check the status of your membership, please visit the Member Portal or contact

Official Colors

Red: #e83530
R 232
G 53
B 48
Pantone 2034c

Blue: #21497d
R 33
G 73
B 125
Pantone 7687c

Gray: #dddddd
R 221
G 221
B 221
Pantone Cool Gray 1c

The official VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo is available for downloadable in several formats. By downloading the VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo, you agree to these terms and conditions of use as set by VPPPA.

  • EPS Version: This encapsulated Postscript file provides the resolutions needed for publishing applications.
  • JPG Version: This Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) file provides the resolution needed for website application.
  • PNG Version: This Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file provides a transparent background.

Use of the VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo
As an Affiliate Member of the VPPPA, your organization has the unique opportunity to leverage your partnership with the VPPPA to increase awareness and ensure your programs, products, services, and events reach VPPPA members. However, use of the logo does not imply official association approval by VPPPA and should not be construed as an endorsement of the entity, its products or services.

The VPPPA Affiliate Member logo is the property of VPPPA and is not available for general use. Since the logo was developed to help identify and promote VPPPA Affiliate Members, we must ensure that the use of the logo remains consistent and does not diminish membership integrity.
The logo reflects that a company is an Affiliate Member of the VPPPA in good standing for informational purposes only.
Use of the VPPPA logo is mainly reserved for VPPPA and active VPPPA Affiliate members.

Prohibited Uses of the VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo
Affiliate Member companies may not use the Affiliate Member Logo on:

  • Social media thumbnails. For example, using the Affiliate Member Logo as your profile image.
  • Fundraising Activities. (Exceptions may apply. Please contact VPPPA to discuss individual cases further)
  • Political Events and Activities
  • Religious Events and Activities

Permitted Uses of the VPPPA Affiliate Member Logo
The logo reflects that a company is an Affiliate Member of the VPPPA in good standing for informational purposes only.
VPPPA Affiliate Member-Developed Resources
Print Resources

  • Products such as manuals, reports, studies, brochures, newsletters, news releases and other publications.

Online Resources
NOTE: The logo cannot be used to give the appearance that the Affiliate Member’s web site is part of the VPPPA web site.

  • Web sites developed by VPPPA Members participants

Other Resources
NOTE: The logo may appear on these other resources provided they have been approved by VPPPA Management.

  • Giveaways such as pins and magnets
  • Shirts, coffee mugs or other items
  • Flags or plaques
  • PowerPoint presentations and videos developed in consultation with VPPPA for information and/or training

VPPPA reserves the right to request the removal of the logo at any time, for any reason.