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A Message from Chairperson Terry Schulte – Our Shared Role in Shaping the Future of VPP

Dear VPPPA Members and Stakeholders,

Recently, OSHA published and requested participation in the agency’s VPP Modernization Survey as the agency seeks to, “modernize, improve and expand the various pathways that employers can establish and improve their safety and health programs, with the pinnacle being Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).”

VPPPA encourages all of our members and stakeholders in workplace health & safety to join us in completing this survey. Our collective responses will play a critical role in shaping the future of VPP and maintaining our program as the gold standard of safety & health management systems worldwide. To that end, we have created a brief background resource for members and stakeholders to review that summarizes opportunities to maintain and enhance VPP.

The VPPPA has worked with OSHA since its inception to continuously sustain and improve the Voluntary Protection Program. As the nation’s support organization for OSHA’s cooperative programs, we feel that the association and its members are uniquely positioned to provide expert input to shape our program. In addition to participating in this survey, VPPPA will also engage members and stakeholders over the next two months to conduct virtual forums with labor and management of VPP sites. This will help us accomplish our goal to provide feedback and insight to our partners at OSHA that will, together, allow us to effectively modernize the Voluntary Protection Program.

Be safe,

Terry Schulte

Director, Safety & Operational Excellence – NuStar Energy LP

Chairperson; VPPPA Board of Directors