Region X

Region X serves current VPP sites and those seeking VPP status across Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. With over 35 years as a proven safety and health program for private industries and federal agencies, OSHA’s VPP initiative utilizes strategies and cooperative relationships between labor, management and government to reduce workplace illnesses and injuries. Being recognized by OSHA as a VPP site is an honor earned only by those committed to the highest safety and health standards.

For VPPPA members, the concept of staying alert and ahead of safety issues is the very foundation of all that we do. However, with the current health crisis, the call to stay focused is not only more pivotal than ever before, but the things we need to focus on have evolved in response to the mental and emotional ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting our fellow workers no longer means simply confirming appropriate use of PPE, but also being an empathetic sounding board. As we work to sharpen our situational awareness, we should also hone our listening skills. We are in this together, and the only way we can get to the other side is to support each other.

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