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Our 12 Days of Member Benefits provides fun and easy opportunities to showcase all the wonderful benefits and resources VPPPA has to offer to its members.  From December 7 to 22, we will feature a different benefit each day, designed to help our members advance their careers, pursue further education, enjoy registration discounts, and how to connect with fellow health and safety professionals.

Day 12 – Happy Holidays from VPPPA

Christmas is a time to express gratitude, and we want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for being a cherished member of our health and safety community.

Your commitment to workplace safety and health has been a beacon of inspiration throughout the year, and we are truly grateful for your dedication. The success of our community is a testament to the collective efforts of individuals like you who strive to create safer and healthier work environments.

In 2024 we look forward to working with our valued members to continue advancing health and safety excellence through collaboration, mentorship, and education to raise the standard for a safe & healthy workplace.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our VPPPA family to yours.

Day 11 – Safety+

The Safety+ Symposium is a premier gathering that fosters innovation and shares best safety practices. Professionals in occupational safety, health, and environmental management converge to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Attend with potential cost savings based on VPPPA membership, varied registration options, and additional opportunities like off-site tours or workshops.

Open to safety managers, industrial hygienists, and environmental specialists, the Symposium is inclusive, welcoming all levels of expertise. Whether you’re starting your safety journey or in a C-suite role, the Safety+ Symposium offers a diverse platform for learning and collaboration.

  • Expand your knowledge – Over 50 educational workshop to choose from. A well-established venue for educational opportunities for employees of various industries who are seeking safety excellence.
  • Find solutions to problems – Stay ahead of regulatory trends – These trends often have a direct impact on how you’re expected to implement safety. Federal and state leadership provide insight into how regulatory organizations operate, which gives you an understanding of how regulatory changes come about and why.
  • Networking – Safety professions from various industries attend Safety+ and build lasting collaborative relationships with other safety professions across various industries. You’ll gain tools for establishing and or maintaining a safe work environment whether it is a company that employs 5 employees or 5000 employees.
  • Exciting memories – Have a fun time while attending educational workshops, networking with peers, and evening receptions.

Day 10 – Scholarships

VPPPA Scholarship Program provides four scholarships to assist students who are dedicated to safety, health, or environmental studies at the vocational, undergraduate, or graduate level. These scholarships are awarded to individuals who have displayed outstanding leadership and a strong commitment to safety and health within their educational institutions and communities.

  • Distributed over $230k in scholarships since 2005
  • 62 students received scholarships for their journey in EHS education
  • Four scholarships worth $3,500 are awarded to deserving students annually.

Day 9 – Publications

As a member VPPPA, we are committed to providing you with an array of valuable information through our publications to support your professional development in the field of occupational safety and health.

  • Leader Magazine: Our quarterly Leader Magazine is a cornerstone of industry insights, covering the latest trends, best practices, and thought leadership in occupational safety and health. It’s a must-read for staying informed and inspired.
  • On the Level Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter, “On the Level,” delivers timely updates, news, and highlights from the safety and health community. Stay connected with the latest developments right in your inbox.
  • VPPPA Blog: Explore our monthly blog, offering a dynamic platform for in-depth articles, expert opinions, and discussions on relevant topics. Engage with the community and share your insights.

To access these publications and stay in the loop with industry happenings, visit www.vpppa.org. We believe that staying informed is key to enhancing your professional journey, and our publications are tailored to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need.

Day 8 – Online Directory

Connect with other VPPPA Members through our online Member Directory! The new Beta version will feature a new enhanced search menu. The landing page of the directory contains a category dropdown an enhanced search menu, which searches the profile name, category/sub-category names, listing keywords, and products and services. The Directory is also fully optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring your listing is easily searchable and results are easy to see, scroll, and navigate.

Affiliate Tier 2 and 3 members have the ability to upload photos, videos, link your social media, and an enhanced listing page along with a new Contact Form:

How do I access the Member Directory?

Log in to your VPPPA Member Portal and click on the Additional Resources dropdown menu to select the Member Directory. If you would like to make edits to your listing, switch from your personal profile to the company profile (if you have Editing rights) by clicking on the Switch Profile button located in the yellow banner near the top of the page.

Day 7 – Mentor

VPPPA mentoring program pairs sites that have achieved Star status with sites that are just starting their VPP journey, need additional program guidance, or are looking to improve best practices at their facilities. The benefits of participating in the VPPPA Mentor Program include:

  • Knowledge Transfer: Experienced mentors share their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insights with mentees.  Mentors have been through the VPP audit process several times and are committed to helping other VPPPA members achieve occupational safety and health excellence.
  • Career Guidance: Mentees receive personalized guidance and advice regarding career paths, skill development, and strategies for advancement within the safety and health profession.
  • Networking Opportunities: The mentor program provides a structured platform for mentees to expand their professional network by connecting with seasoned professionals, other mentees, and industry experts.
  • Skill Enhancement: Mentees can enhance their skills through practical advice, real-world examples, and hands-on experiences shared by mentors.

This is a unique opportunity to get hands-on training and guidance from a seasoned professional who has been in the exact same position that your site is in. Request a mentor today

Day 6 – Professional Development

We offer our members a range of professional opportunities for individuals in the field of occupational safety and health. These opportunities are designed to support career growth, skill development, and networking within the safety profession.

  • Webinars and Training Sessions: A diverse range of webinars and training sessions led by industry experts, providing insights into the latest trends and best practices. Topics cover various aspects of safety, health, and environmental management.
  • Career Center at Safety+ – Discover job opportunities, enhance your career with certifications, receive complimentary professional headshots, and access resources for career progression, including crafting compelling resumes and honing interview skills.
  • Continuing Education Units: Safety+ attendees will be eligible for CEUs from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, and the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers
  • Job Board: We recognize the importance of connecting employers with qualified professionals in the field of occupational safety and health. The job board typically features job opportunities from various industries and organizations that value the principles of VPP and are seeking professionals with expertise in workplace safety.

Day 5 – Awards

The VPPPA Annual Awards recognize those VPPPA member sites and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to advancing health and safety excellence through collaboration, mentorship, and education to raise the standard for a safe & healthy workplace. These pioneers have shared their knowledge of safe practices with others or developed new techniques to create a safer and healthier work environment.

  • VPP Outreach Award: Recognizes individuals or organizations for their efforts in promoting and expanding the VPP or OSHA Challenge programs.
  • VPPPA Safety and Health Outreach Award: Acknowledges outstanding contributions to the field of safety and health, with a focus on outreach activities beyond VPP.
  • VPPPA Innovation Award: Celebrates innovative approaches to safety, health, and the environment within the workplace.

Award winners are presented with a plaque at the annual Safety+ Symposium. Additionally, winners are featured in a special post on VPPPA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), a press release goes out to our media/news outlets, and an eblast announcement is sent to all members.

Day 4 – Networking

VPPPA provides numerous opportunities for attendees to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with a community of the best of the best in the EHS field. Networking events and activities happen throughout the year and provide you access to industry peers, top rated vendors, OSHA representatives, EHS subject matter experts, as well as national and regional VPPPA board members.

  • Safety+ Symposium and Regional Conferences: Dedicated networking events designed for participants to connect, share experiences, and build professional relationships. Exhibit halls feature an area where companies and organizations showcase their products and services, providing an opportunity for attendees to interact with industry experts.
  • Workshops and Training: Participate in workshops and training sessions where professionals can collaborate, discuss challenges, and explore solutions together.
  • Mentorship Programs: VPPPA mentoring program pairs sites that have achieved Star status with sites that are just starting their VPP journey, need additional program guidance, or are looking to improve best practices at their facilities. 
  • Webinars: Webinars featuring experts in the field provide an opportunity for Q&A sessions and direct interaction with knowledgeable speakers.

Day 3 – Educational Resources

As a member VPPPA, we are committed to providing you with an array of educational resources designed to support your professional development in the field of occupational safety and health.

Our educational offerings include:

  • VPPPA’s eLearning Toolbox helps safety professionals raise the standard for a safe and healthy workplace through professional development, innovation and sharing of best practices among sites and companies engaged in world-class EHS&S practices. The goal of VPPPA’s eLearning Toolbox is to provide resources to safety & health professionals that continuously work to advance safety & health excellence.
  • Our live webinar program strives to offer the content you need most, accessible from anywhere. Now more than ever, online education has proven to be a vital resource.
  • The Leader, our award-winning quarterly magazine, provides in-depth information and guidance on the most crucial issues that affect our members to help them stay informed. We dedicate each issue to an important occupational safety and health subject. Alongside a wide range of articles exploring the specific topic, members can find updates on the Association’s activities, including educational and networking events near you.
  • Safety+ Symposium: Take advantage of our annual Safety+ Symposium, where you can participate in educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming event.

Day 2 – VPP Online®

VPP Online® streamlines your EHS&S initiatives, simplifying the process of conducting self-assessment audits, including OSHA’s VPP Annual Self-Evaluation report. This cloud-based platform fosters real-time collaboration for safety teams and is adaptable for any company or site dedicated to fortifying their EHS&S program.

Maximize the impact of VPP Online® to enhance your safety program and effectively uphold VPP status:

  1. Centralized Organization: Consolidate all safety initiatives within a user-friendly platform.
  2. Progress Tracking: Monitor the advancement of safety initiatives and conduct regular performance assessments.
  3. Professional Reporting: Effortlessly generate professional reports for leadership review, facilitating action plans for continuous improvement.
  4. Collaborative Work: Collaborate simultaneously with over 20 team members within the platform.
  5. Internal Readiness Check: Assess your readiness for the VPP program by performing an internal self-evaluation, gauging the effectiveness of your current safety program before submission.

Utilize VPP Online® to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your safety initiatives, fostering a proactive and robust approach to workplace safety. Additionally, VPPPA members can benefit from exclusive multi-site discounts when they subscribe to VPP Online®.

Day 1 – Discounts

VPPPA members have access to a variety of exclusive discounts, highlighting the association’s dedication to fostering their professional growth and advancing organizational objectives. These benefits include:

  • Safety+ Symposium and Regional Conference Discounts: Members receive significant discounts when attending the annual Safety+ Symposium and/or a Regional Conference, a premier event featuring educational sessions, networking opportunities, and the latest advancements in workplace safety and health.
  • Exhibitor Discounts at Safety+ Symposium and Regional Conference: For organizations wishing to exhibit their products or services, VPPPA membership brings valuable discounts on booth space, providing a cost-effective platform to showcase offerings to a targeted audience.
  • Tuition Discounts at Columbia Southern University: VPPPA members enjoy a valuable 10% tuition discount when enrolling at Columbia Southern University, enhancing access to educational opportunities and supporting continuous learning in occupational safety and health.
  • VPP Online® Access Discounts: Members benefit from discounted access to VPP Online®, a cloud-based VPP self-assessment tool. This platform facilitates streamlined self-evaluations and supports organizations in their pursuit of VPP recognition.
  • Special Event Discounts: Throughout the year, VPPPA organizes special events and training opportunities. Members receive exclusive discounts on registration fees, providing additional avenues for skill development and networking.

These diverse discounts not only make educational and professional opportunities more accessible but also underscore VPPPA’s commitment to providing tangible benefits that contribute to the growth and success of both individual members and their organizations.