2020 Post-Symposium Workshops

All courses will be taking place on Friday, August 28 at the Orlando World Center Marriott. 



VPP Re-Approval (8:00am–12:00pm)*

It’s almost time for your VPP STAR reapproval assessment! Have you maintained program excellence, or did you wander off a bit?  Not sure what the auditors are going to focus on?  Has complacency interrupted the process?  Be informed, be engaged and be ready! Often, during the reapproval process, companies are surprised by what shows up. The reapproval for some, can be more difficult than the initial onsite VPP review. Join us for an interactive and open workshop, designed to help you understand the reapproval process, prepare your team and work toward a successful outcome. Developed to offer valuable insight into the reapproval process and its components, it’s a reminder of areas many organizations tend to overlook. Facilitated by personnel with direct experience in areas such as OSHA VPP program oversight, / SGE / VPP Audit Team Lead / Site Safety Director duties, this session is packed with information.  Join us as we work to help you better prepare for your next VPP reapproval visit. This workshop has been a staple at the Region IX VPPPA conference for several years, and always garners high praise. Attendees often comment; "This was the highlight of the week." Don't miss this informational post-symposium workshop. Join us as we work to help you better prepare for your next VPP reapproval visit.  

Speaker(s): Mark Norton





VPP: Do Not Overlook Industrial Hygiene (8:00am–12:00pm)*

Industrial Hygiene (IH) aspects of all processes, jobs and tasks can be difficult to identify and may require special expertise, since they can be more long-term in nature and do not usually have immediate measurable health effects on employees. During this training we will address the integrated steps of the VPP management system and how Industrial Hygiene needs to be addressed. This training approach will address the  1) integration 2) execution of industrial hygiene activities at your site, and 3) acting on findings and specific success stories.
Speaker(s): Brenda A. Tolson-Markas, CIH, CSP, ASP, CSSS, CSSM, ASHM, and Member of ACOEM


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We are also hosting three pre-symposium workshops, on Monday, August 24. Click here to learn more about them.


*Paid workshop