July 30, 2018

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North Carolina Becomes Fifth State to Codify VPP


July 30, 2018

Under the leadership of Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, North Carolina became the fifth state to codify its Voluntary Protection Program (“VPP”). North Carolina joins a bipartisan mix of states - - Indiana, Virginia, Arizona and Maryland - - in passing legislation to make voluntary compliance a permanent part of workplace safety.

California launched VPP in 1978 to encourage employers, labor and regulators to partner together to boost workplace safety beyond minimum standards. In 1981, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) adopted the program as a national initiative. Today, 2,200 VPP worksites, 700 local unions and a million workers work with OSHA and its state counterparts to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, while improving morale and labor-management relations.

“Commissioner Berry is a true friend of workplace safety,” said Mike Guillory, Chairman of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, after touring a VPP site with Commissioner Berry in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. “The growing support we are seeing from policymakers and legislators is critical in the growth of VPP.”

“Workplace safety is my passion,” said Commissioner Berry, who has grown the largest state-based VPP program in the nation, with 145 worksites participating. “Codifying VPP is important because it tells business and labor that we are committed to keeping a great thing going.”

Congress is considering federal VPP Acts in the House and Senate, with 71 members (including 38 Republicans and 33 Democrats) lined up in support.





VPPPA Chairman Mike Guillory (inside left) recognizes Commissioner Berry as a “True Friend of Workplace Safety.” Included are VPPPA Executive Director Mike Maddox (right) and Government Affairs Counsel Courtney Malveaux (left).