Top Warehouse Organization Mistakes

By: Don Amato

May 2, 2019 


There’s more to a warehouse than the inventory it holds. How it’s organized and managed can be just as crucial to its success. Even the most well-stocked facility could cost its owners money and time if the right protocols aren’t present. Delays and confusion for any reason can lead to decreased efficiency, productivity and even morale. In many cases, some frequent and simple mistakes will likely cause a domino effect that ends up hurting the workflow in warehouses.

For instance, a common error made in the warehouse environment is an inefficient layout. When workers have to cover more ground to pick certain types of stock, it takes them longer to fill orders and decreases the number of them they can fill in a day. This is why smart managers determine their floor plans based on the type of materials and their velocity.

Another frequent misstep is made when goods and components aren’t properly labeled. When workers can’t easily identify what they’re looking for, the odds that they’ll pull the wrong items increase significantly. Investing in high-quality labels and printers means there’s a much better chance for accuracy in fulfillment.

Although any of these slip-ups could be devastating for a supply chain, the good news is that they’re all easily avoidable. For more information about these mistakes and how they can be prevented, take a look at the accompanying infographic. It contains actionable information that management should use to keep everything running smoothly in their warehouses.



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Author bio: Don Amato is Vice President of Sales for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures form labels, labels and tags that deliver solutions to a broad range of industries including retail, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and medical environments.