The Environmental, Health & Safety Manager is accountable for the generation, implementation, development, and management of systems to ensure facility compliance with all applicable K+S, Morton Salt, State, Federal, Local Health and Safety standards and regulations and to ensure facility compliance with all applicable company, state, federal and local environmental regulations. Instrumental in ensuring and promoting a plant-wide Safety Journey program, thereby leading the 21stCentury drive towards a world-class standard of safety excellence.


  • Accountable and responsible for monitoring OII, near misses, and other significant safety related incidents and for ensuring corrective actions have been taken to prevent reoccurrence
  • Accountable and responsible maintaining facility compliance with company and regulatory health and safety regulations
  • Accountable and responsible for maintaining facility compliance with company and regulatory environmental regulations
  • Accountable and responsible for environmental-related test sample collection and for coordinating third party and internal sample analysis
  • Accountable and responsible for monitoring plant system compliance with Health and Safety and

     Environmental regulations

  • Accountable and responsible for the maintenance and distribution of facility safety data sheets
  • Accountable for identifying and addressing health and safety issues associated with new or changed equipment and processes
  • Accountable for the electrical safety standards at the site
  • Accountable complying with all Quality and GMP policies and compliance requirements.


  • Responsible for the on-time completion, distribution, and organization of regulatory and company environmental, health and safety reports, information, and test data.
  • Responsible for communicating out-of-compliance environmental, health and safety issues
  • Responsible for providing facility-wide environmental, health and safety technical support
  • Responsible for initiating and leading environmental, health and safety projects and for improving facility performance
  • ISO 140001 Management Representative - Is familiar with the Environmental Management System policy, procedures or work instructions and understands the potential consequences of departure from the requirement. Will notify the Facility Manager of any observed or potential compliance issues or nonconformities.
  • Responsible for conducting or making third party arrangements for facility level environmental, health and safety training
  • Responsible for environmental permitting on a timely basis.
  • Responsible for the generation of plant procedures associated with compliance to health and safety standards
  • Responsible for conducting health and safety inspections and audits
  • Responsible for company and external audit coordination, response, and corrective action completion
  • Responsible for providing health and safety assistance to the company union safety committee
  • Responsible for reviewing and updating personal protective equipment selection for the plant
  • Responsible for conducting industrial hygiene assessments and sampling
  • Responsible for completing other environmental, health and safety related tasks as required


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field.
  • Minimum five (5) years of experience operating in a production packaging environment.
  • Familiarity with Environmental and OSHA regulations
  • Familiarity with DOT regulations preferred