When most of us think of workplace safety, we envisage fire drills and OSHA compliant machinery. However, there are dangers in the office that often go unnoticed but which have a direct impact on employees of every level. Everything from molding food to a coworker’s germs can pose a potential hazard to the health and safety of everyone around. There are a couple of common fixtures that can be a cause for concern among office workers.

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On Friday, Aug. 25, the city of Houston, TX, experienced unprecedented flooding as Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Originally a Category 4 hurricane, Harvey’s shift to tropical storm unleashed rainfall of up to over two feet in some parts of the city and its surrounding areas. With more rain on the way, Texas cities near Houston and southwestern Louisiana braced for additional floodwaters. On Sept. 9, all eyes were glued to the news as Hurricane Irma made her three-day trek through Florida, again bringing flooding and destruction in her path.

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You may think that being inside the office protects you from the air pollution of the busy streets outside, but the truth is the air inside is likely to be significantly worse. The products used to clean your place of work contain chemicals that are harmful when inhaled causing some serious health and safety issues. If you work in a small, enclosed space, there is nowhere for these chemicals to escape. 

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Maintaining environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance in colleges and universities can pose some challenges. Construction and a consistent pass-through of students and visitors combined with budget pressures and limitations create an environment where health and safety are occasionally overlooked. How can you keep your students safe this upcoming school year? The answer is simple, invest in EHS and chemical management software.

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Sleep and Its Impact on the Modern-Day Workplace

About $63 billion in the US economy is lost annually in productivity due to insomnia, as reported on the Good Body website. The average amount of sleeping recommended by doctors for anyone is 8 hours. However, most modern-day workers sleep a few hours less, leading to sleep deprivation. As a result, employers are beginning to notice the impact of lack of sleep among their workers at the workplace. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts the workers' performance and overall productivity.

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