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The Leader magazine, a publication by the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, was announced as a winner in Association Media & Publishing’s (AM&P) 38th Annual EXCEL Awards. The Leader won the Magazine Feature Article category with the entry: “Tech Tools for the Safety Professional” by Rob Brauch, which was published in the Winter 2017 issue of the magazine that centered on the theme, “The Future of Safety.”

OSHA recognized Veolia, Schenectady this spring for its commitment to workplace safety and health by awarding the site with OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) certification. The fully permitted 10-day-in-transit facility, a containerized waste transportation and temporary storage site, is located in Schenectady, NY, and operated by Veolia North America’s Environmental Solutions & Services (ESS) business.

It's my experience that most occupational safety and health professionals go through their careers waiting for the chance to take advantage of opportunities when they arise or simply hoping they do. I have seen many work very hard in directions that placed them in undesired positions or in positions that did not offer intellectual growth and professional development. I have seen early career professionals squander away amazing opportunities simply because they either did not see them or did not realize the potential of these prospects.


Featured Articles

The Importance of Quality Sleep & How It Affects Your Health

While sleep plays a vital role in your health and well-being, many underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest. According to the Sleep Foundation, studies show that 45% of Americans lack sufficient quality sleep on a daily basis. As one of the most common sleep disorders in the United States, insomnia affects 1 in 3 adults at some point in their life. Without proper rest, your body will be at risk of increased tension, irritability, and overwhelming stress.

OSHA’s Silica Regulations, Eight Months Later

Last fall, OSHA rolled out new regulations to address a worsening crisis in the labor world: silica exposure. The regulations were activated on September 23rd with full enforcement beginning a month later, constituting the first major shift in silica policy since 1971. The next six months saw a flood of citations as the date for full enforcement (Saturday, June 23rd) loomed. There’s also been time for the National Association of Home Builders to initiate dialogue with OSHA to clarify ambiguous language in the rules, and two weeks ago a grace period was announced during which it can be assessed if an employer is making good faith efforts toward compliance.